Historic City of Ayutthaya.

Ayutthaya City and its surroundings (Mueang District) are administratively split up in different areas.

  • On the City Island we have the Ayutthaya Historical Park area (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and the area outside the Ayutthaya
    Historical Park (sub-districts of Pratu Chai, Tha Wasukri and Ho Ratanachai)

  • Off the City Island, we have four areas located in the cardinal directions: an area outside the City Island on the West (sub-districts of Ban Pom
    and Pak Kran); an area outside the City Island on the North (sub-districts of Suan Phrik, Khlong Sra Bua, Lum Phli, Phukhao Thong, Wat
    Tum and Ban Mai); an area outside the City Island on the South, with Takhian canal as a boundary (Khlong Takhian, Samphao Lom and Ban
    Run sub-district); We thought it convenient for the visitor-biker to split up the Eastern area (the ancient city of Ayodhya, pre-dating Ayuthaya
    itself) in two zones - North-East and South-East; zones divided by the main road leading from the city towards the Asian Highway (sub-
    districts of Ban Ko, Hantra, Hua Ro, Phai Ling, Kamang, Khlong Suan Phlu and Ko Rian).

On this website you will find different tested bicycle tracks described for each of these zones. Additional information and photographs on Points of
Interest, Reference Points and the History of Ayutthaya (including down-loadable PDF-files on subject) can be also found on this website.

Tips and Warnings

Bicycles can be rented in different locations on Soi 2 Naresuan Rd, which is the starting point of these tours. Bike rental costs 40 Baht (about $1.2/)
per day on average, which makes bike touring an inexpensive way to see the city. Ayutthaya's terrain is mostly flat and easy to ride, but many streets
and side roads are poorly marked, so use the map to simplify navigation.

Be cautious as traffic in and around Ayutthaya is sometimes dense and chaotic. Motor vehicles often fail to see cyclists and pedestrians, so you must
closely watch out for them. Motorcycles are a particular cause of local accidents. Dogs and potholes can also be dangerous, especially in remote
areas. Weather can be very hot, so make sure to drink plenty of fluids and wear sun block. It is inadvisable to drive at night due to the lack of
lighting. Remember one thing when biking:

The theft of bicycles is uncommon in Ayutthaya, but backpacks and cameras have been stolen on rare occasions. It is best to pack valuables with
you when visiting the temples on route.

AHR will not be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever for any suggestions made in relation to the site's promotion of eco-tourism. It is the
responsibility of the user of the site to take the necessary precautions to avoid any physical injury, traffic incident, animal attack, theft, and damage to
equipment. Any reliance on the site's information is therefore strictly at your own risk. (see disclaimer on site).

About tracks, track Info and maps

1. Printing

We provide TWO possibilities to print bicycle track info.

First possibility is via the
Download | Print button in the map window of the page. You have the choice of downloading a single page map or
detailed multiple page maps. The latter includes driving instructions, information on the Points of Interest and a small photograph. The print out  is
based on a standard print frame set up by

Second possibility is to download our PDF-file with a map, driving instructions and information on the Points of Interest from the site.

The choice is yours. It is all free to download - no charges at all.

Digital download provides the possibility to download data on GPS or iPhone.

The method to download a route on your GPS depends on your GPS device (Garmin, TomTom, etc). Data can also be provided in GPX-format.

We have although one major problem. The zone of Ayutthaya is not yet digitalized and available in the online data bank of RouteYou, which means
that we have to use many waypoints to set up our tracks. Some GPS devices as TomTom are limited in the number of way points the equipment can
download and master.

RouteYou uses Geolives from Apple as preferred application for iPhone.

More specific info can be found on the site of

Tracks off the city island

Ayutthaya Northern Bicycle Track 1

Ayutthaya Northern Bicycle Track 2

Ayutthaya North Eastern Bicycle Track 3

Ayutthaya South Eastern Bicycle Track 4

Ayutthaya Eastern Bicycle Track 5

Ayutthaya Southern Bicycle Track 6

Ayutthaya Western Bicycle Track 7

Tracks on the city island

Ayutthaya City Island Bicycle Track 8

Ayutthaya City Island Bicycle Track 9

Ayutthaya City Island Bicycle Track 10

Tracks to other sub-districts

Ayutthaya - Bang Pa-In Bicycle Track
(visit to the Summer Palace)

Ayutthaya - Nakhon Luang Bicycle Track
(visit to Prasat Nakhon Luang)

Tracks to other provinces

Ayutthaya - Pa Mok Bicycle Track
(visit to the Pa Mok Reclining Buddha)

Special tracks

Ayutthaya Pilgrimage Bicycle Track
(visit to 9 important temples)

Prang of Ayutthaya Bicycle Track

Chedi of Ayutthaya Bicycle Track (upcoming)

Reclining Buddhas of Ayutthaya Bicycle Track

Phra Bat of Ayutthaya Bicycle Track (upcoming)

(All tracks can be found on the Ayutthaya Biking Adventure website - click logo)