Text, photographs & map by Tricky Vandenberg - August 2010
Khlong Nakhon Ban is a side-canal of Khlong Tho. The canal had its mouth north of
Lam Hoei Bridge on the east bank of Khlong Tho. The waterway runs in an eastern
direction, north of
Wat Khae and the old prison (defunct), to turn shortly behind the
prison straight south towards
Wat Ket and the city drum tower (defunct).

Nearly the whole area fed by Khlong Nakhon Ban was swampy and could as thus have
been an extension of
Bueng Phra Ram (formerly known Dong Sano), although the latter is
difficult to confirm at present.

The canal is indicated on
Phraya Boran Rachathanin's map drafted in 1926.
(Extract of a begin-20th century map)
(View of Khlong Nakhon Ban)
(View of the canal)
(View of the canal)