Google Maps is a web mapping service application and technology provided by Google. Google Maps provides high-resolution satellite images for
most urban areas, including Ayutthaya, using the Mercator projection. Although Google uses the word satellite, most of the high-resolution imagery is
aerial photography taken from airplanes. The Google maps here under have been adapted with our data on the former temples/ruins and historical
sites of Ayutthaya.
The Geo-Spatial Digital Archive for Southeast Asia is a project is led by Colonel Dr Surat Lerlum, Program Head, Computer Science Program
at the Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy of Thailand. The objective is to produce a demonstration system of online Geo-Spatial Data
Services, which the user can search and access through various methods: text search, geo-location search, and meta-data search. The digital archive
consists of satellite images, World War II historical aerial photography (for example the Williams-Hunt collection) and historical maps. Here under
you will find a link to a map of Ayutthaya in the 1940s.
The Multi-media Archaeological Database System is another project where Colonel Dr Surat Lerlum is involved. For the case study of
Ayutthaya’s Multi-temporal GIS database, data from various sources and various time periods had been utilized. The oldest information utilized was
a map produced by a French missionary in 1687. The latest information are satellite images, including optical, infrared, synthetic aperture radar.
Further work was done in order to integrate all this data with other cultural information. Presently the locations, mentioned in the Royal Chronicles of
Ayutthaya and the reports written by Europeans who visited Ayutthaya in earlier times, can be identified precisely and extracted from the GIS
database in development. This integrated database system is exceptionally useful for the study of the history of Ayutthaya.
Ayutthaya Historical Research created a number of interactive historical maps regarding the City of Ayutthaya and the Chao Phraya River. The
interactive city maps indicate the positions of old Buddhist monasteries and other ancient structures in and around Ayutthaya. The interactive Chao
Phraya River maps indicates the locations of important villages, towns and other structures along the river existing in the Ayutthayan era.