This kayak tour is designed to bring you along one of the most important waterways, south of Ayutthaya, right through the heart of the local Muslim
community. The southern neighborhood of Ayutthaya was a cosmopolitan area in which most of the foreign settlements were located. The southern area was
bordered by the Chao Phraya River on its north and east side, while
Khlong Takhian - also called by the French “Canal du Grand Cochon” - ran on is
southern edge. The
Khlong Khu Cham or “Le Canal du Petit Cochon” split the area in two parts. The western part was inhabited by the Cochin Chinese -
communities of Tonkinese, Annamese and Cochinchinese - in where the French made their quarters in the 17th century. The French settlement was
dominated by priests and as thus more focused on religion than on trade. The eastern part was populated by the Chinese (around Bang Kaja) and the trading
community of the Portuguese (along the west bank of the Chao Phraya), while the southern part was occupied by the Malays. Opposite Khlong Takhian, on
its south bank, was the location of the Makassarese.

The tour will take 3 to 4 hours depending on your kayaking ability and the tide. A few sites have been listed for the sake of smoother navigation. Paddlers
can choose where to stop according to their own tastes and time constraints.

If you are interested in viewing photographs of these temples and ruins in advance or would like additional historic information about the warfare mentioned,
visit this website.

Historical signboard in situ is marked as (*)
Entry fee required is marked as ($)
Boat dock present marked as (+)
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