WAT CHANG THONG (วัดช้างทอง)
Wat Chang Thong or the Monastery of the Golden Elephant was located off the city
island in the northern area of Ayutthaya in Phukhao Thong Sub-district.

The monastery features on a 1993 Fine Arts Department map only and stood north of
Wat Chong Lom along the eastern canal bank of the waterway leading of the waterway
leading to the old
Chao Phraya River (1). Wat Chang Thong was located opposite  
Wat Pom Yai and Wat Pom Noi (on the other river bank) and south of Wat Phukhao

The temple was squeezed in between the defensive canal
Khlong Maha Nak and the
canal leading to the old Chao Phraya River..

There are no traces of the monastery remaining
in situ. Urbanization took its toll as a lot
of new houses have been constructed in the area.

Villagers used to call it
Wat Tha Thong or the Monastery of the Golden Landing.

Its historical background and period of construction are unknown.

The monastery was approximately located in Geo Coord: 14° 21' 49.03" N, 100° 32'
18.65" E.


(1) The old river bed of the Chao Phraya River in Bang Ban sub-district is today the
Bang Ban Canal. The old Chao Phraya River could be reached from Hua Laem at the
northwestern point of Ayutthaya via a stretch of the defunct
Bang Kaeo River and
Khlong Maha Phram. The Chao Phraya River was deviated in the mid-19th century
towards Hua Laem by digging a new canal between Ban Kum and Ban Mai, running
through stretches of the Bang Kaeo and
Lopburi Rivers until Bang Sai.
Text & maps by Tricky Vandenberg - May 2009
Updated August 2011, April 2014
Detail of a 1993 Fine Arts Department map
(Detail of a 1993 Fine Arts Department map -
Courtesy Khun Supot Prommanot, Director of the 3th
Regional Office of Fine Arts)