WAT NAK 1 (วัดนาก)
Wat Nak appears on the Fine Arts Department map of 1993. It was located off the city
island on the Phaniat peninsula. It was situated between
Wat Borommawong and the
Elephant Kraal, toward Khlong Bang Khuat (the old Lopburi River) to the west. The
map shows it at the intersection between the road parallel to
Khlong Bang Khuat and a
(now defunct) road leading to Wat Borommawong.

This temple's history is unclear. Other temples in this area suffered greatly during
Burmese invasions. This temple has finally "disappeared" due to heavy flooding in the
vicinity and general disuse. The remains are presently located on private property, which
is guarded by a large group of rather fierce dogs.

Locals recall seeing Wat Nak in their youth. Many remember a large head from a
Buddha image. They believe it has been buried underground. Excavations could reveal
some traces of a foundation and other artifacts.
Text by Ken May - March 2009

Wat Nak or the Monastery of the Naga is located off the city island in the northern
area of Ayutthaya in Suan Phrik sub-district. It can be reached by the road No 3060
leading from the Elephant Kraal to
Wat Phukhao Thong. This area was called in earlier
times “Thale Ya” or “Sea of Grass” as the whole area was as a large grass field.

“Thale Ya” was derived from the name of the sub-district at that time, being “Thamle
Ya”. The temple was situated on the north bank of canal leading from the old
River to Wat Borommawong, called Khlong Nam Ya.

In situ there is still a brick mound and an ancient pond. In recent times a commemorating
vihara has been put on top. In the vihara is a pedestal with three Buddha images found at
location. The story goes that one day “heaven called” and local people found on the spot,
a head of a Buddha image sticking out of the ground, the flame filial (ketumala) broken.

The locals dug out the image, repaired the filial, built a vihara on top of the ruins of Wat
Nak and gave the statue a prominent place within. The two flanking Buddha images
inside the vihara were also found on site, their bodies decapitated. These images were
also repaired.

Historical data about the monastery and its construction is unknown.

The site is located in Geo Coord: +14° 22' 47.84" N, +100° 33' 52.66" E.
Text & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - May 2009
Updated May 2011, April 2013, January 2015
(Vihara from the east side)
(Vihara from the north side)
(The three Buddha images)
(The ancient pond)
Vihara from the east side
The three Buddha images
Vihara from the north side
The ancient pond
Detail of a 1993 Fine Arts Department map
(Detail of a 1993 Fine Arts Department map - Courtesy
Khun Supot Prommanot, Director of the 3th Regional
Office of Fine Arts)