WAT PHRAYA TIKARAM (วัดพระญาติการาม)
Wat Phraya Tikaram is located off the city island in the eastern part of the city. It can
be a bit difficult to find. The best way to see this active monastery is to turn
northward on Rojana Road at the busy intersection before Grand Street. It is easy to
reach by boat via a canal flowing just north of it.

Wat Phraya Tikaram is an active monastery. It has all the required structures for
providing services to the lay community. Most of the buildings in situ appear to be
designed in the Bangkok-Period. The ordination hall was built in an east/west axis. Its
triple layered roof frames an intricately carved gable. This has been partially decorated
with mirrored-tiles. The outer walls of the ubosot have been painted yellow, and sema
stones (old and new) mark the boundaries. The ordination hall also has a number of
votive tablets on display. Many Buddha images and Hindi deities had been placed in
increments around this building. The images are in a variety of poses, but standing and
walking Buddha images are a reoccurring theme at Wat Phraya Tikaram (which is
uncommon in Ayutthaya). The bell tower is situated in front of the ordination hall. It has
windows in each of its cardinal directions and is flanked by standing Buddha images.

The principle chedi is bell-shaped and painted gold. A Buddha image sits beside this as
an elephant and monkey offer praise. There are also multiple sermon halls in situ. Each
has been constructed in the Bangkok style. One has a chedi on top of its three-layered
roof. Naga serpents protect the entrances while slithering down the stair rails. However,
it is the buildings beside the canal that offer the most interesting view at Wat Phraya
Tikaram. The gables have been intricately crafted with mythological figures, Hindi
Deities, and Buddha images. The background consists of blue mirror tiles.

One of the most remarkable features of this monastery is a large outdoor Buddha image.
This image reflects the Sukhothai style, as it is in a walking pose with right arm
if blown by wind.

There is not much known about this monastery’s history or its date of establishment. It
was once located in a remote countryside area, so its former importance must have
depended on the city’s waterways. Wat Phraya Tikaram is situated near the intersection
of two canals.
Khlong Hantra (the old Pa Sak River) flows north of this monastery
meeting with Khlong Wat Krasang (which moves in an east/west axis). During the
Ayutthaya period, this second canal connected Ayutthaya to Nakhon Nayok through
various switchbacks. The canal’s name changes to
Khlong Ban Bat as it passes beside
Wat Phraya Tikaram, and this ultimately feeds into the new Pa Sak River beside the city
island. Wat Phraya Tikaram may have been used by traders along this route or by local
farmers involved in rice cultivation. The monastery’s name refers to a noble of somebody
that is highly revered, but the Royal Chronicles do not mention anybody by this name.
Text & photographs by Ken May - September 2009
Maps & photo show by Tricky Vandenberg - March 2015
View of the temple premises
View of the ubosot
(View of the temple premises)
(View of the ubosot)
(Decoration of the gable)
Detail of a 1993 Fine Arts Department map
(Detail of a 1993 Fine Arts Department map - Courtesy
Khun Supot Prommanot, Director of the 3th Regional
Office of Fine Arts)