WAT SALIANG (วัดเสลี่ยง)
Wat Saliang is located north of the main island, near Khlong Pla Mo - an old canal that
private property, which limits its access.

This un-renovated ruin was constructed in an east-west axis. In situ are two medium
sized chedi. One is bell-shaped in the typical style of the middle Ayutthaya period; the
second appears to be octagonal. Both chedi have several holes tunneling inside, and the
spires of both chedi have collapsed. The spire for the bell-shaped chedi rests on the
ground beside it. The thirteen-ringed spire of the octagonal chedi has been placed against
a tree for protection. There is also a trace of former sermon hall, which now exists only
as a brick mound. This monastery must have been fairly large at one time because many
bricks can be seen even at a long distance away from the chedi.

There is no clear historical records about this monastery or its construction date.

There is evidence of a moat surrounding this site, and several canals are still in existence.
The area is prone to heavy flooding. This has caused plenty of erosion, but the actual site
of the monastery is upraised on a small hill. The people in this neighborhood have
wrapped the chedi in fresh orange cloth. They seem to take good care of the ruin's
Text by Ken May - April 2009

Wat Saliang or the Monastery of the Palanquin was located off the city island in the
northern area of Ayutthaya in Khlong Sra Bua Sub-district.

The monastery stood in area called before
Thung Kaeo, along the east bank of Khlong
Ban Pla Mo; a canal running adjacent to Khlong Sra Bua and which probably ran into
the old
Lopburi River near Wat Khae.

The temple was located north of
Wat Nom Duan, southeast of Wat Laiso and northeast
Wat Khwit.

The monastery is indicated on 1974 and 1993 Fine Arts Department (FAD) maps. On a
2007 FAD map, the ruin is indicated in a  wrong position.

The ruin of Wat Saliang is located in Geo. Coord.: 14° 21' 59.83" N, 100° 33' 43.41" E.
Addendum, maps & photographs by Tricky Vandenberg - August 2009
Updated September 2011, January 2012, April 2015
Site view of Wat Saliang
Ruined chedi of Wat Saliang
(Site view of Wat Saliang)
(Ruined chedi of Wat Saliang)
Ruined chedi of Wat Saliang
(Ruined chedi of Wat Saliang)
(Detail of a 1974 Fine Arts Department map -
Courtesy Dr. Surat Lertlum, Chulachomklao Royal
Military Academy)
(Detail of a 1993 Fine Arts Department map -
Courtesy Khun Supot Prommanot, Director of the 3th
Regional Office of Fine Arts)
Detail of a 1974 Fine Arts Department map
Detail of a 1993 Fine Arts Department map