I compared a 19th-century map by an unknown surveyor with the later maps of Phraya Boran Rachathanin (1926 CE) and the maps of the Fine Arts Department. In evaluating the different locations of the temples, I noticed a temple site that was not mentioned on any of the 20th or 21st-century maps.

The monastery is only found on a 19th-century map, south of Khlong Tha Phra (1), and between Wat Khok Khamin (defunct) in the north and Wat Hoi Khong (defunct) in the south and Wat Sangkha Tha stood northeast, Wat Khon (defunct) stood west, and I presume that a waterway must have run before from Khlong Tha Phra straight south on the west side from Wat Khok Khamin, this temple and Wat Hoi Khong. The map does not indicate the presence of a stupa. The old Monthon Krung Kao Road (defunct) ran in between this not identified temple and Wat Khon as well as Wat Hoi Khong.

The monastery must have been approximately in geographical coordinates: 14° 20' 40.91" N, 100° 32' 59.72" E.


(1) Khlong Tha Phra, also known as Khlong Klaep, is a defunct canal situated on Ayutthaya's city island. Some stretches of this old canal still can be seen today on the western side. The canal had its mouth at the old Lopburi River, later renamed the Chao Phraya River. Here stood one of the eleven water gates around the island called Pratu Khlong Tha Phra. The canal ended at the confluence with Khlong Chakrai Yai. Beyond this confluence, it continued in an eastern direction as Khlong Pa Mo and joined the Pratu Thep Mi Canal. There is evidence that this canal continued eastwards in a straight line to join Khlong Makham Riang.