Wat Klang, or the Monastery in the Middle, is situated in the southwest area of Ayutthaya, off the city Island, in the Pak Kran Sub-district, west of Khlong Takhian.

The temple lies adjacent to the present active Wat Klang Pak Kran, also called Wat Klang Khlong Takhian.

In situ is a brick mound, with at its western end a small ruined structure, likely remains from a former chedi.

The ruin is indicated on Phraya Boran Ratchathanin's map of 1926 CE next to a tributary of Khlong Takhian. This tributary canal does not exist anymore.

Its historical background and period of construction are not known.

The ruin of Wat Klang is in geographical coordinates: 14° 20' 15.54" N, 100° 32' 46.05" E.