Wat Phra Ngam, or the Monastery of the Beautiful Buddha, was situated in the southwestern area of Ayutthaya's city island in the Pratu Chai Sub-district, northwest of Somdet Phra Sri Nakharin Park. The site is part of the Ayutthaya Historical Park. The monastery stood between Khlong Tha Phra (1) and Wat Maha Saman.

Map discrepancies

On the 19th-century map, Wat Phra Ngam stood west of the old brick/sand ring road and the south bank of Khlong Tha Phra.

Phraya Boran Rachathanin's map drafted in 1926 CE has Wat Phra Ngam east of the old brick/sand ring road, but for the rest identical to the 19th-century map.

The Fine Arts Department map drawn in 1974 CE is identical to Phraya Boran Rachathanin's (PBR) map.

The Fine Arts Department map drawn in 1993 CE alters the position of the 1974 CE map and indicates Wat Phra Ngam 50-100 metres to the south.

The Fine Arts Department map drawn in 2007 keeps the same position for Wat Phra Ngam as the 1993 CE map and newly places Wat Pa Sathon in the location of Wat Phra Ngam indicated on the 19th-century map and the PBR map.

In its immediate vicinity on its west side stood Wat Cho (restored foundations). Wat Maha Saman was situated south.

There are no foundations or brickwork at ground level, and the temple classifies as defunct.

Historical data about the monastery and its construction is unknown.

The site is in geographical coordinates: 14° 20' 42.79" N, 100° 32' 42.86" E.


(1) Khlong Tha Phra, also known as Khlong Klaep, is a defunct canal situated on Ayutthaya's city island. Some stretches of this old canal still can be seen today on the western side. The canal had its mouth at the old Lopburi River, today renamed the Chao Phraya River. Here stood one of the eleven water gates around the island called Pratu Khlong Tha Phra. The canal ended at the confluence with Khlong Chakrai Yai. Beyond this confluence, it continued in an eastern direction as Khlong Pa Mo and joined the Pratu Thep Mi Canal. There is evidence that this canal continued eastwards in a straight line to join Khlong Makham Riang.