Wat Phra Ngam, or the Monastery of the Beautiful Buddha, is an active temple located off the city island in the western area of Ayutthaya in the Ban Pom Sub-district. The monastery is situated north of Wat Pom Yai along the Chao Phraya River. The temple can be accessed via Road No 3412.

It is a classic temple consisting of an ordination hall, a vihara and a few kutis. The temple area is prone to inundation as it lies in the western lowlands of Ayutthaya along the main river.

Based on the Temple Registration System of the National Office of Buddhism, Wat Phra Ngam was established in 1557 CE in the reign of King Chakkraphat (1548-1569 CE). It is thus an Ayutthaya-era temple.

Because of Royal donations, the temple could be renovated as it was in bad shape and received its Wisung Kham Sima in 1971 CE.

Its history is unknown.

Notable at this temple are the ancient boundary stones (bai sema) around the ordination hall and the small chedi in front of the ubosot in which a Bodhi tree (Ficus Religiosa) has nestled. The chedi has four little satellite chedis standing at its corners, forming a quincunx, embodying the idea of representing the five peaks of the cosmic mountain Meru.

The monastery is not found on the Fine Arts Department maps from 1957 to 2007 CE but features on a 1916 CE Monthon Krung Kao map and a 1960 CE Military map.

The site is in geographical coordinates: 14° 22' 0.02" N, 100° 31' 51.41" E.

There are two other temples with a similar name on Ayutthaya's city island.