Wat Pom Raman, or the Monastery of the Mon Fortress, is an active monastery off the city island in the northern area of Ayutthaya, in the Wat Tum Sub-district. It is situated on the east bank of Khlong Hua Ro (1). Wat Klang Raman lies in its vicinity.

In situ is an ordination hall built in the late Ayutthaya style (1629-1767 AD), with two porches in a northwest-southeast alignment. The roof is two-tiered, and the ubosot has three rectangular windows on the longest sides. The front porch has two entries, while the roof is supported by four columns, the same for the porch at the rear. The hall is surrounded by a wall and has two gates with a pointed arch and colourful gable.

A pavilion with a large Buddha image has been recently built on the foundations of an old monastic structure. There is also a kind of prasat-like building surrounded by a pool, being a commemoration monument for the late Somdet Phra Phutthachan Tho Phrom Rangsi (1788-1872 CE). The revered monk was a patriarch in the reign of King Mongkut (Rama IV) and was known for containing Mae Nak's spirit. (2)

Wat Pom Raman likely has the same historical background as Wat Klang Raman.

Data about its construction is unknown.

The site is not indicated on Phraya Boran Rachathanin's map drafted in 1926 CE, as the temple is on the outskirts of Mueang Ayutthaya.

Wat Pom Raman is in geographical coordinates: 14° 23' 1.05" N, 100° 33' 19.31" E.


(1) Khlong Hua Ro is situated off the city island in the north of the Hua Ro Sub-district. The canal is the western border of the Suan Phrik Sub-district and the eastern border of the Lum Phli and Khlong Sra Bua sub-districts. The old Lopburi River bed ran from Wat Khao Din (Wat Wora Nayok Rangsan) in Bang Pahan District towards the city of Ayutthaya and is now divided in four stretches Khlong Ban Muang from Wat Muang until Wat Dao Khanong in Bang Pahan District Khlong Bang Khuat (a short-cut canal in the Lopburi River loop) from Wat Dao Khanong to (south of) Wat Klang Raman in Ayutthaya City District Khlong Hua Ro from (north of) Wat Pom Raman to Hua Ro in Ayutthaya City District.
(2) The legend goes more or less as follows: Mae Nak lived in a small hut along Khlong Phra Khanong near Wat Maha But in Bangkok with her husband Thit Mak. Her husband was conscripted and had to go to war. Mae Nak, being pregnant, remained behind. She died during childbirth, being alone at home. Her neighbours buried her in the ground. Out of love for her husband, her spirit did not want to leave and waited for his return. Her husband came back home from war, and they continued to live together. One day her husband realised he was living with a ghost and returned to the temple. Mae Nak was furious, pursued her husband and gave a bad time to the local community, terrifying everybody. Somdet Phra Phutthachan Tho Phrom Rangsi could finally overtake her and contain her spirit in the forehead bone of her skull and bound that piece of her skull within his waistband. Wat Maha But is often called Wat Mae Nak Phra Khanong, after the spirit house of Mae Nak located on the premises.