Wat Salak, or the Monastery of the Chisel, was situated on Ayutthaya's city island in the Pratu Chai Sub-district.

The monastery stood opposite Wat Langka on the west bank of Khlong Makham Riang (1). Naresuan Road, Pa Than Road before, is situated just north of this defunct monastery.

Historical data about the monastery and its construction are unknown.

Wat Salak on the maps:

I presume this monastery shows on a 19th-century map by an unknown surveyor as Wat Sa. It is situated on the west bank of Khlong Makham Riang between the Pa Maphrao Road (Coconut Quarter Road) and the Pa Than Road (Charcoal Quarter Road). Wat Klong was northwest, Wat Pa Than west, Wat Khok Kraphao southwest and Wat Nang North. There is no indication of a stupa.

Wat Salak also shows on Phraya Boran Rachathanin's (PBR) map drafted in 1926 CE. Phraya Boran (1871-1936 CE) was the Superintendent Commissioner of Monthon Ayutthaya from 1925 till 1929 CE but occupied important functions since 1896 CE in Monthon Ayutthaya. Wat Salak stood south of Pa Than Road and on the west bank of Khlong Makham Riang. Wat Khok Kraphrao was west and Wat Langka east opposite the canal.

There is a discrepancy between the two maps regarding the location. The 19th-century map indicates Wat Salak north of the Pa Than Road, while the PBR map south.

Based on a 2007 GIS Fine Arts Department map, Wat Salak was in geographical coordinates: 14° 21' 28.97" N, 100° 34' 27.66" E.