Wat Sam Jin, or the Monastery of the Three Chinese, is located off the city island of Ayutthaya in the northern area, in the Wat Tum Sub-district, west of Highway # 347.

Wat Sam Jin stood on the west bank of a loop in the Lopburi River, more or less opposite Wat Sam Pratu, located on the other riverbank. The site can be accessed via the road running down from Wat Kuti Lai towards Wat Bamrung Tham.

In situ is a large brick mound with a somehow strange square chedi. The chedi is broken, and the upper part lies further away. The chedi has its entry to the northeast. Some stucco on the cornice is still visible. The inside of the chedi bears traces of treasure farming, as most ancient sites do.

The monastery shows on a Krung Kao map of 1916 CE and Fine Arts Department maps since 1993 CE. On the 2007 CE map, the monastery is called Wat Sam Jan Sang (วัดสามจันสาง), which could be roughly translated as the Monastery of the Three Spirits of the Gold Apple Tree. (1)

The ruin of the monastery is in geographical coordinates: 14° 23' 46.72" N, 100° 31' 30.28" E.

Its historical background and period of construction are unknown.


(1) Diospyros Decandra.