Wat Sangkha Thae, or the Monastery of the True Monkhood, is located on the city island in the southwestern part of the Pratu Chai Sub-district. The temple is situated west of Khlong Chakra Yai (1) in the Somdet Phra Sri Nakharin Park. In its immediate vicinity are Wat Sangkha Tha and Wat Chedi Yai, while Wat Jao Phram is located east of it.

The Fine Arts Department restored the ruin, being part of the Somdet Phra Sri Nakharin Park and the Ayutthaya Historical Park. In situ is the foundation of a vihara with a junk-shaped base, typical for the late Ayutthaya period (1629 - 1767 CE), without any trace of a chedi. Three other monastic structures are also in the immediate vicinity: a vihara and an ubosot from the Wat Sangkha Tha site, and a bell or drum tower. A moat surrounds the whole complex. Only a path on its eastern side leads to the site.

Wat Sangkha Thae does not figure on the mid-19th century map and indicates only Wat Sangkha Tha. I presume that all buildings were part of one single monastery. However, on the maps of Phraya Boran Rachathanin (1926 CE) and the Fine Arts Department, the temples are indicated as separated entities.

The historical background and period of construction of this monastic structure are unknown.

The restored ruin of Wat Sangkha Thae is in geographical coordinates: 14° 20' 42.29" N, 100° 33' 11.54" E.


(1) Khlong Chakrai Yai is part of a waterway running through the west of Ayutthaya from north to south. The canal was the extension of Khlong Pak Tho and ran from the Lam Hoei Bridge to the Chakrai Yai Gate opposite Wat Phutthaisawan. The channel was a shortcut through the oxbow of the Lopburi River and connected the old Lopburi River, present Khlong Mueang in the north with - what is today - the Chao Phraya River in the south. Ban Chakrai was a village located on the city island but outside the city walls.