Wat Seliang, or the Monastery of the Palanquin, was located off the city island in the northern area of Ayutthaya, in the Khlong Sra Bua Sub-district. The monastery stood in an area called before Thung Kaeo (1), along the east bank of Khlong Pha Lai (2). The temple was located north of Wat Nom Duan, southeast of Wat Laiso and northeast of Wat Khwit.

The site has two medium-sized damaged chedis showing large cracks due to ingrown roots and significant vegetation. One chedi is bell-shaped in the typical style of the middle Ayutthaya period the second chedi appears octagonal. Both chedis have several holes left after relic looting took place. The spires of both chedis have collapsed. The spire of the bell-shaped chedi rests on the ground beside it. The spire of the octagonal chedi sits near a tree. A brick mound likely indicates the position of the former monastic hall. The monastery must have been relatively large at one time because many bricks can be seen even far away from the chedis.

There is no historical record of this monastery or its construction date.

Wat Seliang on the maps

I believe that the ruin of Wat Seliang shows on a Monthon Krung Kao map of 1916 CE. It stands to the northeast of Wat Pa Taeng.

Wat Seliang does not show on Phraya Boran Rachathanin’s map of 1926 CE, which is a bit strange as he should have gotten access to the Monthon Krung Kao map, drafted ten years earlier. Phraya Boran (1871-1936 CE) was the Superintendent Commissioner of Monthon Ayutthaya from 1925 to 1929 CE but occupied important functions since 1896 CE in Monthon Ayutthaya.

The monastery is indicated on a 1974 CE Fine Arts Department (FAD) map, mainly based on the PBR map. Wat Seliang is also found on a 1993 CE FAD map. On a 2007 FAD GIS map, the ruin is indicated in the wrong position west of Wat Jao Ya.

The ruin of Wat Seliang is in geographical coordinates: 14° 21' 59.83" N, 100° 33' 43.41" E.


(1) Thung Kaeo, or Crystal Field, is an area north of the city of Ayutthaya bordered on the west and north by Khlong Sra Bua, on the east by Khlong Hua Ro, and on the south by Khlong Mueang. The area is prone to inundation.

(2) Khlong Pha Lai, or the Canal of the Patterned Cloth, was a canal situated off the city island in the northern area running partly in present Tha Wasukri and Khlong Sra Bua sub-districts. The canal is defunct, but there are still some stretches existing from this canal. Most of the waterway, though, has been filled up. Khlong Pha Lai had its mouth west of Wat Mai and ran adjacent to Khlong Sra Bua into the old Lopburi River, a stretch of water called today Khlong Mueang.