Wat Si Liam, or the Square Monastery (1), is located off the city island in the northern area of Ayutthaya, in Lum Phli Sub-district, village 1. The monastery was situated on the west bank of the old Lopburi River, a stretch named Khlong Hua Ro (2). Wat Pom Raman stands north on the opposite bank of the canal, while Wat Phraya Maen, Wat Dokmai and Wat Bua are in the south.

The brick ruin can be accessed along Road No 3060 on the east side. 'Si Liam', which means 'four edges' (1), describes the rectangular form of the building. The lower base of the structure is in a "junk shape", typical for construction of the late Ayutthaya period (1633-1767 CE).

Its historical background and exact period of construction are unknown.

The ruin shows on a 1974, 1993 and 2007 CE Fine Arts Department (FAD). On the 1993 FAD map, the structure has no denomination.

The ruin is in geographical coordinates: 14° 22' 48.88" N, 100° 33' 21.82" E.

Another temple bearing the same name is located off the city island in the eastern area, in the Phai Ling Sub-district.


(1) สี่ - four / เหลี่ยม - edge.
(2) Khlong Hua Ro is situated off the city island in the northern area north of Hua Ro Sub-district. The canal is the western border of the Suan Phrik Sub-district and the eastern border of the Lum Phli and Khlong Sra Bua sub-districts. The old Lopburi River bed ran from Wat Khao Din (Wat Wora Nayok Rangsan) in Bang Pahan District towards the city of Ayutthaya and is now divided into four stretches Khlong Ban Muang from Wat Muang until Wat Dao Khanong in Bang Pahan District Khlong Bang Khuat (a short-cut canal in the Lopburi River loop) from Wat Dao Khanong to (south of) Wat Klang Raman in Ayutthaya City District Khlong Hua Ro from (north of) Wat Pom Raman to Hua Ro in Ayutthaya City District.