Wat Tha Khlong, or the Monastery of the Harbour of the Herd of Elephants, is located off the city island in Wat Tum Sub-district, in the north-western area of Ayutthaya. It is an active temple used by the Buddhist clergy. Locals stated that this temple was not used by the Buddhist Sangha before and stood empty (likely since the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767 CE).

In the period 1960-1970 CE, bricks of the monastic structures were gathered and transported by trucks to an unknown destination. For a truckload of bricks, 20 Baht was received at that time.

The temple and surrounding area stood on high ground. During the flood season, animals found a temporary home in this area.

During the Ayutthaya era, this place was a concentration area for elephants, hence the many elephant images visible at the temple and the latter's name. In earlier times, the temple ground was surrounded by a large moat, probably as a natural barrier to keep the elephants on-site. Opposite the temple were large brick ovens, but the whole area was flattened by bulldozers and became bushy afterwards. There are no more traces of old monastic structures in situ.

Wat Tha Khlong is in geographical coordinates: 14° 23' 5.11" N, 100° 32' 29.82" E.