Text & photographs by Ken May - January 2010
Pom Maha Chai (Great Victory) was an important fortress located in the area where
Hua Ro Market currently stands today. The remains of it were completely buried
underground until 2009. While constructing a new convenience chain store, a portion of
the fortress was accidentally dug up, causing a halt in the process. The area was
excavated revealing a number of fortified walls and a great deal of broken ceramic
pottery. It was eventually covered with soil once again, but a commemorative wall was
erected at the site as a memorial. This can be seen beside U-thong Road near the market’
s entrance.

Despite the small size of the memorial wall, Pom Maha Chai played a vital role in
Ayutthaya’s history. It was situated at a strategic point where the old Lopburi River
(Khlong Bang Khuat) reached the main city island. This location gave Pom Maha Chai
prime military importance and it was thus a site of major battles with the Burmese.