Tamnak Kham Yat is located in Kham Yat Sub-district of Pho Thong in Ang Thong Province. The royal pavilion was likely constructed in the reign of
King Borommakot (r. 1733-1758) to be used as his temporary residence when paying homage to the reclining Buddha at
Wat Khun In Phramun.

At present only the four walls of the royal residence remain. The rectangular structure was made of brick and mortar and measured 20 meters long by
10 meters wide. The pavilion had a front portico. On the southeast side of the pavilion stood a monastic hall (vihara).
(View of the west side of the pavilion)
In 1759, the Burmese invaded Siam. The Royal Chronicles of Ayutthaya mention that ex-King Uthumphon (r. 1758) was asked to leave the
priesthood and take over government to help fight the Burmese incursion. After the Burmese withdrew, King Ekathat als called Suriyamarin (r.
1758-1767), his elder brother, made it clear that Uthumphon had to return back to his former position as a monk. He thus left the city and went to
reside at Tamnak Kham Yat to prepare himself for monastic life. Ex-King Uthumphon took up again the yellow robe at the nearby
Wat Pho Thong,
about 2.5 Km southeast of the royal residence, and afterwards returned to his former monastery
Wat Pradu in Ayutthaya, where he remained until the
fall of Ayutthaya in 1767.

One day later on, during the middle of the night, the King issued a holy royal proclamation to have the Holy Younger Brother of the King
summoned in for an audience in a place in the Interior [of the Palace Enclosure]. When His Majesty went in He gazed with His holy eyes
and saw His Holy Lord and Older Sibling unsheathe a holy sword weapon and lay it across His holy lap. He accordingly understood in His
holy heart that the King was displeased, would do Him harm, and would not let Him remain among the laity. His Majesty thereupon came
back out to His place to the Front [of the Palace Enclosure]. When the waxing half of the eighth month arrived, His Majesty thereupon
boarded a holy throne barge and went out to the Monastery of the Fig of the Pure Gold Spray. After entering the holy monkhood, His
Majesty came back in to live at the Monastery of the Pradu Tree just as before.
" [1]
(View of the front side of the pavilion)
The royal pavilion could formerly be reached by water from Ayutthaya via the Noi River and going up a tributary river in Wiset Chai Chan District
leading to Kham Yat area.

King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) visited Phra Tamnak Kham Yat in 1908.

The Fine Arts Department registered Phra Tamnak Khamyat as a historical site on 8 March 1935 and it was renovated regularly since. The site is
located in geographical coordinates:  14° 39' 28.74" N, 100° 20' 13.22" E.  


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After the Burmese Invasion.