KHLONG KLAEP (คลองแกลบ)
Text & maps by Tricky Vandenberg - April 2013
Updated April 2020
Khlong Klaep or the "Paddy Husk Canal" is a defunct canal situated off the city island in the western area of Ayutthaya of which some stretches still
can be seen today.

The 1.5 Km long canal has its mouth at the former
Lopburi River, today the Chao Phraya River. The canal continued under the same name on the
opposite side of Ayutthaya's city island until
Khlong Chakrai Yai.

Khlong Klaep ran south of
Wat Lot Chong, passed by Tamnak Jao Phraya Kalahom (also called Tamnak Phra Jao Prasat Thong) and continued
until the moat of
Wat Suren, south of Wat Worachet.

On the map of Jean de Maguelonne de Courtaulin (1638?-1...) titled "Siam ou Iudia, Capitalle du Royaume de Siam Dessigné sur le lieu Par Mr
Courtaulin missre Apostolique de la Chine" and published in 1686 by Franciscus Jollain, the elder (1641-1704), we find a canal, opposite the Khlong
Tha Phra Gate, leading to a temple. This canal was likely Khlong Klaep heading west to Wat Suren.

The canal stood likely in connection with Wat Worachet via
Khlong Worachet aka Khlong Wat Pom
(Detail of Jean de Maguelonne de Courtaulin's map - Anno 1686)