In the Ayutthayan Era the king disposed over a number of palaces and residences for his comfort situated inside as outside the city. He was often
lodged in royal pavilions (tamnak) during his travels to main destinations. The palaces in the city were:
Khochaprawet Maha Prasat
Aisuriyathiput Maha Prasat at Bang Pa-In
Prasat Nakhon Luang at Nakhon Luang
The Sutthai Sawan Maha Prasat and Dusit Sawan Thanya Maha Prasat at the Rachaniwet Palace in Lopburi
From the testimony of the imprisoned residents of Ayutthaya we know today that there were five palaces outside the city of Ayutthaya as follows
Next to the Rachaniwet Palace in Lopburi, King Narai constructed a jungle lodge east of the city of Lopburi in Thale Chup Son being the Kraison
Siharat Residence Hall.  

King Borommakot (r. 1733-1758) constructed a royal pavilion called
Tamnak Kham Yat in Pho Thong area of Ang Thong Province.


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