This web page lists a number of kayak tracks, which are designed to bring you along the last remaining ancient waterways of the Historical City of
Ayutthaya; as well as two multiple-days kayaking events with an historical background, organized occasionally by Ayutthaya Kayaking Experience
[AKE] for its members.

Ayutthaya Kayaking Experience is a sporting branch from Ayutthaya Historical Research (1). AKE’s objective is to promote kayaking tourism in
Ayutthaya, by basically showing kayak presence on canals and rivers in Ayutthaya. Kayaking is the perfect outdoor recreation to explore the city
island and its surroundings. Any visitor to Ayutthaya, with some kayaking experience or enough sportive stamina, interested in kayaking with AKE is
welcome. More information can be found at the AKE’s website:

Ayutthaya was a typically Siamese water-based settlement; one of the characteristics which gave the city its UNESCO World Heritage status.
Unfortunately, Ayutthaya's waterways - the ancient transport and travel facilities - are fast disappearing. Many canals became stagnant, choked with
urban trash or ran dry due to silting and lack of maintenance. Many more were claimed to make way for embankments such as concrete roads. On
the city island only a few canals remain of which Khlong Makham Riang and Khlong Tho are the largest, but regrettably, they look like open sewers.
Ayutthaya, “The Venice of the East", became a far cry.

But not everything is lost. Water still plays a vital role for the local communities, who use the canals to fish, bathe, wash dishes and clothing, and
irrigate their gardens. Children still run along its banks and swim in its muddy waters, filled with a diversity of fishes and wild life. Birds still live in
abundance in the lush vegetation along the forgotten canals; a paradise for bird lovers. Off the city island, we still find some navigable canals, however
the seasonal aspect has to be taken in mind. Some canals tend to have low water levels in the hot period and the packs of water hyacinth can be a
burden. Kayakable canals are: in the north the old
Lopburi River presently called Khlong Hua Ro; in the east - in the ancient Ayodhya area - Khlong
Hantra and in the south Khlong Takhian.

Glide your way down the Ayutthayan canals and its gentle tidal rivers, between lush verdant forest and ancient monasteries; a perfect opportunity for
birding and observing wildlife. On this website you will find different tested kayak tracks described for each of these zones. Additional information
and photographs on Points of Interest, Reference Points and the History of Ayutthaya (including downloadable PDF-files on subject) can be also
found on this website.
Tips and Warnings

The only location in Ayutthaya, which offers kayaks for rent is "The Seven Seas Riverside Ayutthaya", located along U-Thong Road (Soi 19) and
near Khlong Chakrai Yai and the
Somdet Phra Sri Nakharin Park. The small hotel has kayaks available for renting to tourists. As thus, the starting
point of this kayak tour begins at “The Seven Seas Riverside Ayutthaya”.

Kayaking is great fun. Paddling offers so much to so many; quiet leisure, intense adrenaline, or a path to exploration and adventure. Kayaking is a
great way to access nature, experience reflective moments and to enjoy family and friends away from the distractions of life.

Although paddlers should be aware of the following: wear a life jacket when paddling and be sure you are visible; know your emotional and physical
limitations; prepare your trip well; remember to watch for water and weather changes; keep an eye out for other boat traffic. On the main rivers be it
the Chao Phraya, the
Lopburi or the Pa Sak, there can be heavy current and whirlpools. So be aware and stay close to the river banks.

AHR will not be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever for any suggestions made in relation to the site's promotion of eco-tourism. It is the
responsibility of the user of the site to take the necessary precautions to avoid any physical injury, traffic incident, animal attack, theft, and damage to
equipment. Any reliance on the site's information is therefore strictly at your own risk (see disclaimer on site).
1. Printing

We provide TWO possibilities to print kayak track info.

  • First possibility is via the Download | Print button in the map window of the page. You have the choice of downloading a single page map or
    detailed multiple page maps. The latter includes driving instructions, information on the Points of Interest and a small photograph. The print out  
    is based on a standard print frame set up by RouteYou.com.

  • Second possibility is to download our PDF-file with a map, driving instructions and information on the Points of Interest from the site.

The choice is yours. It is all free to download - no charges at all.

2. Digital download

RouteYou.com provides the possibility to download data on GPS or iPhone. The method to download a route on your GPS depends on your GPS
device. Data can also be provided in GPX-format. We have although one major problem. The zone of Ayutthaya is not yet digitalized and available in
the online data bank of RouteYou, which means that we have to use many way points to set up our tracks. GPS devices as Garmin and TomTom are
limited in the number of way points the equipment can download and master. RouteYou uses Geolives from Apple as preferred application for
iPhone. More specific info can be found on the site of “
RouteYou”: http://www.routeyou.com.

3. Tracks

  • Half-day tracks

Ayutthaya Kayak Track 1 - Khlong Takhian

Ayutthaya Kayak Track 2 - Khlong Hantra

Ayutthaya Kayak Track 3 - Khlong Khao San         

Ayutthaya kayak Track 4 - Ayutthaya City Loop
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(Khlong Om)
(Front city canal & Wat Monthop)
Attention: due to badly maintained
canals  and rivers
(water hyacinth!)
in Ayutthaya province, kayaking is
restricted since already a few
We hope the government will come
up with some plan to eradicate the
weed as it is a burden for all people
living along the river and canal